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November 3, 2012 - Leave a Response

My goal is to reach as many people as possible to help them understand where their issues come from. Give them the tools to help them heal and change their way of thinking, which in turn will help them change their patterns and action.

After the loss of my eighteen year old daughter, which was ruled as suicide; I decided to research & learn why people do the things they do.

With intense education on several subjects and attending workshops I became a counselor and speaker.

I give workshops for groups of people of different ages; in a business, churches, schools or families.  Always informing them that they do not have to share any of their personal information with the group or anyone.  Making it a safe place for them.  However, I ask them to bring a notebook to journal whatever information may be helpful or important to them.

The workshops I give begin with the importance of an individual in their mother’s womb. Because this is where our personality was originally formed. I proceed with a family tree using myself and family as examples. I continue with crisis’ or traumas in our life.  With each crisis or trauma our life was changed on that very moment.

I don’t just bring up skeletons from their closets, I also give them the tools to heal and change.  I also stress that some people may still need help and should get some counseling.



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