Mary Lou Torres’ skills in life range from Public Speaking, Public Relations, Supervising, Advocate,and Troubleshooting; Marriage, Suicide, Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence.
Mary Lou is an organized, responsible and hard working individual with experience in assisting clients and working with the community.
Mary Lou has volunteered as a Public Speaker on Sucide, was President of Los Ninos Headstart; Girl Scout Leader, School Board Member; Parent Advisory Committee, Missionette Leader, Sunday School Teacher, Counseled on Colorado Help Line, lead Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence Classes and Nova Shalom (Born Again Marriage) classes. Was also in the Prison Ministry.
Mary Lou is a graduate of Taos High School, Taos, NM. HCC Lay Counselor graduate of Denver CO and certified counselor of RAFA Colorado Springs, CO. Completed Levels I, II, III CAC classes in Denver, CO.
“My goal and passion is to set people FREE from their own self destructive behaviors and learn a new positive way of thinking so they may make better choices and live their lives to the fullest.”
Mary Lou has devoted her life to helping and comforting people in the ways God has helped and comforted her through her many trials and crisis’ in her life.  After the death of their 18 year old daughter, she became a public speaker in Suicide Prevention She studied and researched ways of helping people understand where their behavioral and self-destructive patterns come from. By using the available tools and practical application of God’s word she has been able to help people turn their lives around. Mary Lou has given workshops, spoken to Youth Groups at several churches and schools and spoke on Suicide on KIMN Radio. She counsels men and women one on one as well as couples and families.
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