Testimonials from people who have attended a workshop . . .

“I recently attended a workshop in which Mary Lou spoke on “SELF DESTRUCTION”, almost instantly her message had regenerated and changed my perception of something I had struggled to understand for decades.”  D. M. Blue


“This class is taught with the word of God as it’s core foundation and it’s a very positive message whether you are a believer or non-believer if you can just focus on the message being delivered you can use the materials to help you change.”  P. Salazar


“Mary Lou used her family as an example and that really helped put things in perspective because people learn in many different ways and since she used her family and showed how the curse was passed on from generation to generation it was really very interesting.”  J. Salazar


“Mary Lou has created what I now consider to be an extremely valuable, worthwhile integral step for all of us to highly consider and include in our personal growth.”  G. MCBride


“I found Mary Lou to be not just comfortably personable; but lucidly insightful and encouragingly supportive.  These qualities are assets that should be required of any teacher or guide.”  J. McBride


“I liked the good balance phychologically and Mary Lou gave new insights as to background of her past and how to apply the tools.”  (no name)


“I liked the new approach/angle of current and past healing also how she related to class and invited their thoughts.”  (no name)


“Mary Lou demonstrated a unique ability to fully engage me and bring out and encourage me allowing me to feel that I was a valuable participant.”  (no name)


Mary Lou made me realize that I can change the way I think by my understanding of my issues and gave me hope with the tools she shared.”  (no name)



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